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Come join us for Java Talk Third Wednesday of each Month at 6:00 PM, Cheboygan Public Library

Upcoming Java Talks


We seek to promote the peaceful and just resolution of conflict using nonviolent means through educational programming, informing community leaders, holding vigils.

Wednesday, May 21st 6:00 Chemical and Nuclear Hot Spots in the Upper Great Lakes.  Anabel Dwyer, David Dwyer

In this presentation we survey some of the major chemical and nuclear hot spots threatening the upper great lakes.

Wednesday, June  18th  6:00     What's wrong with GMOs? Mari Hesselink

We have all been warned about the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms and have learned that many of them are already in the foods we eat.  How dangerous is this?.

Upcoming Events

4/22 CELEBRATE EARTH DAY – 3:5 PM – Ottawa Park  make and bring a sign).

May 24th Protest Monsanto – 10:30 a.m.- noon County Building , (make and bring a sign).

Monthly Business Meetings         (Everyone Welcome)

Third Wednesday of each month.  500-5:50 pm at the Cheboygan Public Library

4/27 Make Cheboygan First – 2:00 PM – Home of Karen and Denny Martin (first  meeting for ordinance banning plastic shopping bags).

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A non tax deductible donation to our group can be made out to Straits Area Concerned Citizens and sent to Sherry Nelson, 290 Patrick Dr., Indian River, MI 49749