Straits Area Concerned Citizens

for Peace, Justice and the Environment


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  •  We understand national security in terms of access to affordable health care and education, a strong economy, a healthy environment and a functioning democracy.
  • We believe in basic rights for all. These include the civil rights of assembly, free speech and religion as well as the rights to health care, education, a job and a clean environment.
  • We seek to promote the peaceful and just resolution of conflict using nonviolent means through educational programming, informing community leaders, holding vigils.

We are currently working to urge local governments ask Governor to restrict Enbridge Line 5 to natural gas products. government restrict Line 5 to only transport 300,000 barrels of non-oil cargo, like natural gas, travel through the pipeline until a full and independent analysis of the pipeline can be completed.

Resolution on Pipeline

Handout Explaining Resolution