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2007: Protest of Iraq War on 4th Anniversary of the Invasion; meeting with Congressman Bart Stupak; all day workshop on: WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?; held a summer film festival at the Cheboygan Library*; honored the Michigan war dead of the Iraq War on Memorial day displaying a white cross for each; dressed in orange prison jumpsuits and black hoods to protest torture; remembered victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki; walked the streets of St. Ignace as hundreds lined it for a parade celebrating 50th anniversary of the Mackinac Bridge—we carried signs such as “build bridges not bombs”, when Gov. Granholm drove by on float she gave us a “thumbs up”; we had a presence on the south side of the bridge that Labor Day protesting the war; we placed paid ads monthly with anti-war quotes such as “The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

2008: again held protests against war, and the Sept.-Oct. Bank bail-out; a gathering for peace; all day workshop called: PLANET EARTH, OUR ONLY HOME; said good-bye to dear friend Tom Hay Bauer—who moved to Chicago.

2009: protests against war, and gatherings for peace; our group was invited to design a wooden “bell” as part of “ART IN THE PARK” , the design had to answer: What does freedom mean to you? Karen designed bell and answered: FREEDOM TO VOICE DESSENT, and “Peace is Patriotic”; first year the PEACE truck entered the 4th of July parade; in Sept. we were asked by Art in the Park to build and install tall letters spelling P E A C E. When installed the community was invited to come write messages on each letter. Finally our group co-hosted peace activist, retired Col. Ann Wright to speak at college in Traverse City.

2010: No photos or notes to jog remembrance of this year.

2011: actions in support of 99% and Unions; we participated in statewide action called MOVEABLE PEACE by manning a table in St. Ignace; 2nd year PEACE truck entered in 4th of July parade.

2012: possibly the year we started hosting monthly JAVA CHATS at the Cheboygan Library including: met with high school foreign exchange students, heard from Kevin Kamps—anti-nuclear waste expert, Brenda Archambo for National Wildlife Federation, War on Women; showed documentaries: Capitalism Hits the Fan, Koch Brothers Exposed, Rethink Afghanistan and WATERLIFE; and 3rd year of the PEACE TRUCK in 4th of July parade.

2013: Java chat topics included: showed documentary WAL-MART the High Cost of Low Prices ; Fourth year of PEACE TRUCK in parade; protest against attacking Syria; joined in rally at St. Ignace with guest Bill McKibben; again remembered Intl. Day of Peace; Protested passage of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership); remembering Intl. Day of Peace;

2014: Earth Day actions; Java Chat presentation on reducing “single-use” plastic shopping bags by David Martin, presentation by Dr. Lisa Del Buono on Climate Change (group member Richard Riker had done one as well—but forget what year), Meet the Candidates forum, Mari Hesselink and GMOs, Lyn Jenks, CEO from Charlevoix hospital on AFFORDABLE CARE ACT; showed documentary GASLAND; protest against MONSANTO and GMOs; fifth, and possibly final year of PEACE TRUCK in 4th of July parade.

2015: annual peace vigils for Intl. Day of Peace, and Earth Day; another protest against the TPP; hosted Dr. Ed Timm to speak on the Enbridge Pipeline—standing room only; some members joined in the kayaktavists action under the Mackinac Bridge; some attended the rally in St. Ignace hosted by Oil & Water Don't Mix; sponsored a screening of Line 5 at Mulligan's. Biggest project to date: working to make the Straits of Mackinac safe.

2016: some members went to Lansing to join with others to protest the disaster of drinking water in Flint, on day of State of the State address.

*May type list later...regarding poor old PEACE TRUCK---she's feeling and LOOKING her age (20 years old this year---rust is taking a toll---does anyone have a vehicle they feel would be appropriate to decorate with our signs?