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History of the Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

During a March 2006 a workshop in Petoskey to commemorate the 3rd year anniversary of the U.S.’s wrongful invasion of Iraq, presented by The Northern Michigan People for Peace, Karen Martin, of Cheboygan was asked “are there no people in Cheboygan for peace?”

Simple question; but Karen wanted to find the answer. So she set out to find others in Cheboygan FOR PEACE.

She organized an anti-war workshop held in May of 2006, at the Cheboygan Library. She contacted Leonard Page, a retired lawyer, to give a presentation on “Illegal wire-tapping.” (Whom she never met face to face). Next she asked Dr. Mark Mantel to present “Leave my child alone,” and Jim Thrushman, a Vietnam and First Gulf War Vet, to speak on behalf of veterans and active duty personnel. Karen spoke on the Project for the New American Century, and much more.

Approximately 40 people attended including several people who would form the core membership of our local peace group: Leonard & Susan Page; Anabel & David Dwyer; Tom Bauer, Dale Giddings.

Throughout that summer Karen offered at least a half dozen peace vigils held in front of the Cheboygan County Bldg. Dale Giddings attended 3 of the vigils and stayed the whole day; David and Anabel stopped by too.

The Cheboygan Tribune’s Letters To The Editor section of the paper was alive with many letters for and against the fledgling peace movement.

In late fall and early winter the magic began to happen. The most interested persons attended monthly meetings. The core group came together, meeting monthly in Karen's Cozy Kitchen. By Jan. 1, 2007 we settled on group name. Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace & Justice. All were earth loving environmentalists; we kept “Environment” off the already too long name, as WAR/PEACE were foremost on our minds. By 2015, we officially added Environment to group name.