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  •  We understand national security in terms of access to affordable health care and education, a strong economy, a healthy environment and a functioning democracy.
  • We believe in basic rights for all. These include the civil rights of assembly, free speech and religion as well as the rights to health care, education, a job and a clean environment.
  • We seek to promote the peaceful and just resolution of conflict using nonviolent means through educational programming, informing community leaders, holding vigils.

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We are currently working to urge local governments ask Governor  Snyder utilize the State's authority by acting immediately to cause Line 5 to be restricted to not more than 300,000 bbl per day and its cargo be limited to non-oil products until the recommendations of the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force have been satisfied and an independent panel of pipeline experts has verified that Line 5 is safe.

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Motherboard Video on Line 5

National Wildlife Federation Video on Line 5

Enbridge Line 5 Spill Scenarios

Enbridge Must Take Line 5 Risk Now (Letter)

Enbridge Must Take Line 5 Risk Now (Press Release)